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Valpolicella and Amarone Wine Tour from Milan

Discover Valpolicella, the countryside during a relaxing day tour

Discover the amazing Amarone territory and enjoy the fine red wines with unmistakable aromas, proof of the passion and dedication that characterize local tradition. A few hours from Milan, you will explore the authentic flavors of local delicacies and enjoy the food and wine culture of this incredible area. No matter if you decide to visit it on a holiday, for business or just for fun: you will be conquered by its beauty, as testified by unforgettable Piazzas and celebrated monuments. The Valpolicella territory is an extremely multifaceted region: it can boast a varied and unique territory, a delightful climate and an enchanting countryside where history blends with modernity, and an ancient community live side by side with young folks who open to the world and embrace renewal while preserving traditions.

Imagine yourself in Valpolicella or in its most important area, the amazing Amarone. You will enjoy its unique qualities, while you’ll take pleasure in discovering its most genuine flavours, as well as the simple and heart-warming cuisine of local products. To visit this territory is to reach a land of great traditions and distinguished flavours. The places you’ll visit are known for the great wine they produce: such as Recioto di Valpolicella, Amarone or Ripasso Valpolicella Classico Superiore, which have acquired a prestigious reputation both nationally and internationally. A few hundred kilometers away from Milan, these lands offer a well-deserved rest from city life and its tangible business rhythms. Here you can stop just being a tourist and live your passion for wine by tasting some of the best Amarone wines in their own areas.

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A few hours from Milan, an incredible journey awaits you: diving into a culture marked by the wine conquest, savoring traditional food specialties, and rediscovering the unforgettable nature of this land. At the heart of the area lies Valpolicella and its famous wines, with its vineyards stretching across the provinces of Verona, Mantua, and Trento. In this enchanting territory, it’s easy to fall in love with one of the most authentic areas in Italy, a region defined as “The Land of Wine and Roses”.

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Discover Valpolicella with excellent wines and savories, delightful landscapes, lakes, and medieval castles: a place of great beauty for a holiday to enjoy nature, relax and make new friends.

Have you ever tried Amarone? The first thing that comes to mind is the unmistakable red color, proof of the warmth and attention that have been dedicated to the wine from harvest to fermentation. No one knows better than those who have lived with passion and dedication the art of making wine: here is the fertile land for this impressive red, reminiscent of a terracotta pot teeming with life; it is here that grapes are harvested during the brief months of September and October, which are crucial for determining both its quality and reputation.

Today, I’m going to tell you about Valpolicella and Amarone wine tour from Milan that I discovered during my trip to Italy. This region is nestled on the magnificent hills of Veneto. When the sun goes down, the red glow of this territory welcomes you to get discovered. I will show you all the most beautiful places to visit while exploring this area, and it will leave you breathless!

When it comes to luxury Italian wine, the Veneto region is known for 2 main products: Pinot Grigio and Prosecco. In this blog post, we are going to talk about the Red Wine of Veneto: Amarone wines. We will give you an introduction to this distinctive type of wine, as well as an overview of all the quality services that Milanobycar can offer you!

*Discover the amazing Amarone territory and enjoy the fine red wines with unmistakable aromas, proof of the passion and dedication that characterize local tradition. A few hours from Milan, you will explore the authentic flavors of local delicacies and enjoy the food and wine culture of this incredible area. The best way to savor this unique experience is to follow a walking tour through vineyards and villages to fully appreciate the natural environment where they are produced. The Valpolicella Wine Country is one of the most beautiful areas in Europe to admire nature at its finest, as well as one of Italy's largest wine-growing areas. It boasts rows upon rows of vines that cover a stunning landscape that stretches down to the banks of Lake Garda in the south. In this land, which has been producing wine for centuries, there are two DOCG (protected designation of origin) wines: Amarone Della Valpolicella and Recioto Della Valpolicella. Both wines have been granted Protected Geographical Status by EU law, which means that they can only be produced within very specific areas. The production is strictly governed by rigorous regulations that aim to preserve both the land and its grape varieties. For example, vines must be trained on trellises high

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