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The difference between a taxi and a Chauffeur service in Italy and the world ?

The difference between Chauffeur services and Taxi services has always been luxury. Frequently, more specifically, the comfort. Luxury is a relative term and depends mostly on your perception of luxury and the amount of money you are willing to spend on it – but that usually doesn't exist in economics, so we don't think about that anymore. We focus instead on ensuring we deliver what you expect from someone who's going to provide you with a professional chauffeur service – If we can improve or better, we will!

The distinctive characteristic of a chauffeur service is the personal touch. Unlike taxi services, chauffeur service is not an anonymous product. With us, you always have your own personal driver and can look forward to more relaxed travel. We don't just take you from A to B – we will personally ensure that your trip with us is smooth and comfortable, regardless of what you're doing in between!

Chauffeur service is an exclusive and luxurious type of transportation. Chauffeur services have become more and more popular in recent years. A few years ago people were still wondering what a "Chauffeur service" was. Today, things have changed a lot. The rising of the Chauffeur service can be attributed to stars like Frank Sinatra, JFK and other personalities that have used this type of transportation in the past. In addition to famous people, the use of this type of transport has also been part of Hollywood movies such as The Godfather – Part III (1990).

There's something special about Chauffeur service, which separates it from other forms of public transport. With a chauffeur service, you get a safe, secure and comfortable ride to your destination. And enough space for everyone in the car!

Whether it's a dinner, a dinner or something else private or corporate, a Chauffeur service ensures that the chauffeur walks you to your car, opens the door and drives you safely to your destination. The passenger can sit back and enjoy the ride while the driver focuses on traffic conditions and drives safely.The chauffeur is in constant contact with the client, making sure that everyone arrives at the right time and safe and sound. Whether it's a business dinner, conferences or just an informal meeting, we offer our clients Chauffeur services capable of carrying out assignments of all kinds.We are proud of our chauffeurs who are all men with at least four years experience. All vehicles used correspond to standards set by the European Union and they all exercise excellent driving skills. We continuously check their commitment, initiative and expertise (using regular exams), so we feel comfortable in mentioning that we only work with licensed drivers and chauffeurs.

From outside it can be difficult to when a taxi stops and a luxury chauffeur service. Car services generally work with black blinded vehicles that provide complete privacy for all the passengers inside, with a choice of eye-catching and unobtrusive luxury. For example, anyone who is experienced in this industry knows that the latest models from Mercedes-Benz are widely regarded as some of the most comfortable chauffeur vehicles available. It might not seem like much but the difference between sitting in a vehicle without support for your head and neck or armrests that actually adjust to your specific needs… well, you get the idea. When you're spending half an hour or more in a vehicle, every small feature adds up to a big difference in your overall experience.

So you're booked in for a ride with a chauffeur, what do you then? Whether as part of corporate travel, airport transfers or simply your next night on the town, you want to feel in control and relaxed. In today's chauffeur's world you might think this comes with expectations of waiting around in bright-liveried cars, loud radios and lots of chatter – but nothing could be further from the truth.

If you are looking for a private transfer from the main airports to Cortina D'Ampezzo, look no further than our chauffeur service. We offer transfers from Milan Linate airport and private tours of the Italian Dolomites. Our drivers have extensive knowledge of this region and can provide recommendations on where to go around Cortina D'Ampezzo. They will also help you get settled into your accommodation when you arrive at your destination so that you can start enjoying your time with us right away.

Some people prefer to take a taxi ride where you share the ride with other passengers. Can be found in almost every city, but some users often find problems such as uncomfortable seats and high prices. A taxi is always a cheaper alternative to going to chauffeur service, but it shouldn't be your only choice when commuting.

Unlike taxi and Uber, we always try to keep as much time for our customers as is possible. For this purpose, all our chauffeurs-drivers are equipped with blue tooths and GPS. If in any case the customer would get lost during his/her trip, it will be easy to locate him/her!

Driving in style, and riding with a luxury taxi service provider, is one of the best ways to enjoy your event or a ride with friends. The experience provided by our limousine driver and the quality of service you can expect to receive from our transportation services will provide you with an experience that you'll wish to repeat over and over again.

The best way to travel!

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