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Milan Malpensa airport transfer

Malpensa Airport, officially known as Milan Malpensa Airport (IATA: MXP), is one of the two major international airports serving Milan, Italy. It is located about 45 kilometers (28 miles) northwest of the city center of Milan. There are several transportation options for getting to and from Malpensa Airport


Shuttle Services:

There are various shuttle and bus services that connect the airport with Milan city center and other nearby cities. These are often a more cost-effective option. Malpensa Shuttle and Malpensa Express are a couple of the popular shuttle services.


The Malpensa Express train service connects the airport to Milano Cadorna and Milano Centrale train stations in the city center. It's a convenient and relatively quick option, especially for getting to the city.

Car Rental:

You can rent a car at Malpensa Airport and drive to your destination. This option gives you flexibility but might not be the best choice if you're staying in Milan due to limited parking and traffic restrictions

Private transfer

You can pre-book a private transfer service online or through your hotel. A driver will meet you at the airport and take you to your destination. This option offers comfort and convenience.

Public Bus:

Various public bus services, such as the Malpensa Shuttle and Malpensa Bus Express, connect the airport to different parts of Milan.

The choice of transfer depends on your budget, convenience, and where you need to go in Milan or its surrounding areas. It's a good idea to plan your transfer in advance, especially if you're arriving during peak travel times or have specific timing requirements.

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