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Lake Como day tour or transfer

If you ever dream to take a walk surrounded by water and mountains, can help you plan your holiday on Lake Como, one of the most beautiful places in Italy and in the world. Here you will find some useful info before going and seeing some attractions of this wonderful region.

Lake Como is a unique lake in the world, maybe one of the most beautiful places where to relax. Lake Como attracts tourists from all around the world: fashion people know it for its glamour and loveliness. The lake is located in North Italy, Lombardy region and it’s surrounded by mountains, villages and villas with breathtaking landscapes."

When you think of Italy, what do you picture? Football matches? The Coliseum? For me, Italy is all about the quality of life. And in this quality of life, Italy is number one in the world: the perfect climate, food, culture, friendly people and even beautiful cities. We are not bragging here, we are just stating the truth. Lake Como is one of these cities. It is a major tourist destination in our country and every year thousands of visitors from all over the world travel to discover this place in Italy and enjoy their holiday there.

The lake is surrounded by mountains, such as the Alps, the Prealps and the hills of Lombardy. The villages surrounding the lake are elegant, with lush vegetation and wide streets that lead to the lake. In this regard, there is no better way to visit this area than by boat or ferry: it will allow you to enjoy the scenery and get close to nature. Milanobycar offers different types of trips for any type of vacationer: from a romantic tour to a day with friends or lovers. Milano offers a wide range of means of transportation, which will enable you to visit Lake Como in a comfortable and fast way: by train, by bus, or car rental. Description: Lake Como is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Italy and one of the most visited lakes in Europe. It's located in Lombardy, in northern Italy. Roughly triangular-shaped, it is more than 30 kilometers long and between 1 and 6 kilometers wide. It has an average depth of 170 meters; its deepest point is 250 meters.

Milanobycar is the first website that offers all the necessary information to plan a trip to Lake Como. It is a must-see, not only for its beauty but also for its tourist resorts, which are among the best in Italy. The website provides a tour of this enchanting place with many useful hints tips and suggestions for your holiday on Lake Como. The site contains all the information you need to plan your holidays, from accommodation to excursions, from restaurants to shopping, from events and festivals to nightlife. Milanobycar also provides a link to the official tourism website of Lake Como so you can find out everything about this region: what there is to do, where to stay and how much it costs.

Milanobycar is your guide to Lake Como. We dedicate ourselves to enabling you to experience this wonderful place and its pleasures in the best way possible. Description: Situated in the Lombardy region of Italy, Lake Como is a wonderful place for relaxing, with stunning landscapes and an abundance of luxury hotels and restaurants. You can go sailing or windsurfing on the lake, or just soak up a bit of sun at one of the many stunning places along the shoreline. Lecco and Bellagio, two of the most delightful towns on the lake, have been described as "Italy's most beautiful town square" and "the waterfront's jewel". At Lecco's Piazza del Duomo, you can view frescoes by Gaudenzio Ferrari in the cathedral, which date back to 1575. The nearby Chiesa Della Madonna del Sasso is worth visiting too, as it boasts some beautiful 16th-century frescos by Girolamo Romano. Description: Lake Como offers visitors endless possibilities for entertainment and exploration. There are numerous picturesque villages dotted all along its shores, as well as some spectacular villas built by famous artists like Claude Monet and Aaron Copland. The area also boasts.

Lake Como is an Italian lake of glacial origin, situated in Lombardy. It has a complex shape resembling a heart. The lake is surrounded by many small villages, including: Bellagio, Menaggio, Varenna, Tremezzo and Lecco. The lake has been shaped by its environment over the past 20 thousand years; geologically it is a horst lake with calcareous rocks on its bottom. Lake Como's climate is temperate; while not as cold as in other high altitude lakes of Northern Italy. The lake partially freezes during winter months usually between early December and early March. This can happen when the water temperature is below 4 degrees Celsius (39 °F). The optimal timing for ice-fishing does not coincide with the winter season!

Lake Como is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Italy, and for good reason. The jewel of the Lombardy region, it's known for its stunning scenery, with mountains rising steeply from the water, and its fashionable resorts. There are three main lake towns: Como itself, the largest and most famous; Lecco; and Varenna. Famous residents have included George Clooney and Sting, who own homes there. The lake attracts celebrities of all kinds, as well as thousands of tourists every year. Here is an introduction to Lake Como's history, geography, and culture, plus ideas for what to see and do when you're there. History Lake Como was formed during the last Ice Age around 10,000 years ago. The name comes from Latin "lacus", referring to a "lake," and Celtic "com", meaning "head." It covers an area of about 213 square miles (551 square kilometers), making it the third-largest lake in Italy after Lake Garda and Lake Maggiore. The lake has always been a popular destination for both locals and visitors alike. A settlement on its shores dates back to at least 3000 BC. In Roman times, a small town called Tivenum existed

Cinque Terre is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Italy. The Cinque Terre (Five Lands) is a spectacular stretch of coastline located in northern Italy on the Ligurian Sea. Cinque Terre National Park was founded in 1999, and it includes all five villages and the surrounding area. Cinque Terre consists of five separate villages: Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza, and Monterosso al Mare. These villages are connected by ancient trails that date back to Roman times. Each village is different from the others and has its own charm. Every village has its own history, culture, dialect and cuisine.

The lake and its surroundings are collectively known as "Lake Como". The lake has an area of 46 square kilometers (18 sq mi). About 60% of the shoreline is occupied by villages and towns, the largest of which are Como and Menaggio. Lake Como is fed primarily by the Adda River, which enters the lake near Colico and flows out at Lecco. The lakes stretch over a length of 32 kilometers (20 miles), with a width that varies between 500 meters (1,600 ft) to 3 kilometers (1.9 mi). The area of the lake is protected by the Lake Como Park.

Milanobycar helps you plan your holiday on Lake Como, one of the most beautiful places in Italy and in the world. The lake has an area of about 470 km² and is shared by three different regions: Lombardy, Piedmont, and the Swiss canton of Ticino. Lake Como has a blue flag, an acknowledgment from the European Union that it is among the cleanest lakes in Europe. Its crystal clear waters reflect perfectly the alpine surroundings. Thanks to its location between hills, on which are built charming villages like Bellagio, Menaggio or Varenna, it's one of the most famous lakes in Italy and in the world. Lake Como offers visitors more than 300 km of shoreline, more than 1400 hectares of parkland, and more than 60 beaches. The water temperature ranges between 17°C and 24°C. Milanobycar helps you plan your holidays with an extensive list of hotels, B&B, apartments, and campsites at Lake Como. We also provide a detailed map of all locations along with photos and travel tips for a memorable stay."

You can swim and sunbathe by the lake, do some interesting bike tours or just enjoy the stunning sights from your boat. There are a lot of elegant hotels, restaurants, and cafes for you to spend a great vacation at Lake Como. Traveling to Lake Como is easy thanks to Milanobycar! Just book your car on our website from Milan airport or Malpensa airport and enjoy your holidays in Lake Como. You can easily see the main sights of Lake Como thanks to your car rental from Milan airport or Malpensa airport. Milanobycar helps you plan your holiday on Lake Como, one of the most beautiful places in Italy and in the world. Book your car with us today!

Milanobycar celebrates one of the most historic and beautiful areas in Italy, Lake Como. There are many locations in town that you can visit and explore, but what draws the most attention are the villas overlooking the lake. You will want to stay longer than you planned because there is so much to see, which only increases your desire to be back. This passion for traveling is second nature to this town, which makes Milanobykar a suitable partner for Lake Como vacation rentals and tours. Not attempting to break new ground in content but instead, by delivering something that they already know they do well – luxury experiences, Milanobyscar has created something I will definitely recommend and return to again.

Milanobycar suggests visiting the following places: Bellagio and Lugano (Switzerland), Argegno, Brunate, and Lezzeno (Italy). The first three are amazing because of the natural beauty, including a wide choice of sightseeing activities, but also for the restaurants and businesses. Lezzeno has more to offer for those who want a complete wellness holiday and it is just near Como harbor where you can find several shops selling local products.

Lake Como was once an area populated by ancient civilizations, and you can still see some of their remains today. The lake is a popular spot for tourists because it’s such a beautiful region, but there are also multiple activities for people to enjoy as well. You’re going to have a favorite part of Lake Como, whether it’s the water, the air, balancing between different time periods in history or activities unique to Lake Como that only make this place so special.

So, what do you think? Aren’t Lake Como one of the most beautiful destinations in the world? Will you ever go there? And what is your opinion about the best time to go there and when not to visit (because it’s crowded)? I would like to read your comments on this. Would love to hear them.

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