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Excursions from Milan Italy to lake Como, Bellagio, Piedmont Barolo and Barbaresco

Strap yourself into our company's luxury vehicles and let us have you start your excursion from Milan, Italy. We will drive to Lake Como, stopping for free time in Bellagio. From there, travel into Switzerland and enjoy free time to see the elegant Swiss city of Lugano as you wish.

Visit the best of Italy and Switzerland with a day trip from Milan! In just a few hours, escape to the legendary Swiss lakes and breathe in the fresh mountain air. Travel to Bellagio, known as the 'pearl of Lake Como.' Spend free time in Lugano, luxuriating in its stunning beauty. You'll spend about an hour at the bustling waterfront before returning to Milan

Fancy a bite of Swiss or Italian life mixed with a dash of luxury? Then take an excursion from Milan to see the best of both worlds in one day: Switzerland and Italy. If you only have a few hours here you can see the Bellagio/Lugano area.

Milan is a vibrant city with plenty to see and do. But it's also easy to get out of town and explore the rest of Italy and Switzerland. Book a day trip from Milan to the stunning Lake Como region and visit landmarks like Bellagio, Lugano and Como before returning to Milan. The journey begins in Milan's historic city center. You'll drive through the countryside to Lugano, where you'll stop for free time before continuing into Switzerland for a guided tour of Lugano. You'll have free time in Lugano, so take in all the sights at your leisure. Then it's on to Bellagio, also known as 'the pearl of Lake Como.' This beautiful town is famous for its villas, gardens and views across the lake. You'll have plenty of time here to explore on foot or by boat before heading back to Milan..

Lugano is a small, charming city in northern Italy. It's known for its lakeside location and the beautiful views of the surrounding mountains. The best way to see this lovely place is to take a day trip from Milan. You'll be able to explore Switzerland and Italy in one day! Lugano is located just across Lake Lugano from Bellagio, another quaint town in northern Italy. During your visit, make sure to try some traditional Swiss dishes like raclette and fondue. It's also fun to shop at the many boutiques in town or explore the old city center by foot. After lunch in Lugano, head south into Switzerland for some free time at Lake Como. This stunning lake is famous for its beauty and has been an inspiration for many artists over the years. You can spend your time walking along the waterfront or exploring nearby towns like Como or Menaggio.

This itinerary provides an experience of a lifetime. It is perfect for those looking for a luxurious day trip from Milan to the magnificent scenery of Lake Como and Switzerland. You will have free time in Bellagio and Lugano to experience the highlights of these charming cities, including some free time in Bellagio to explore its many boutiques and cafes.

This trip combines two of the most exciting and romantic European destinations with a bit of outdoor adventure thrown into the mix. You are transported from Milan to Lago di Como, where you spend the day exploring Lugano, Bellagio, Como and Menaggio. You'll enjoy live entertainment on the way there and back.

Excursions from Milan Italy. Get away from the frenetic pace of the beautiful center of Milan for a while, and enjoy some Italian wine specialties immersed in the greenery and endless vineyards of the Piedmont countryside, Barolo and Barbaresco. The art of making wine has always had the vintner searching for a location with specific characteristics to ensure optimum results. This quest for quality is exactly what led them to Barolo, in the province of Cuneo. The foothills of neighboring mountains serve as windbreaks. The tall trees around which grow natural arbors that protect vines from excessive sun and rain. And so it is a unique territory perfect for this world-class winery. I can enjoy going on trails that are ideal for taking in the beautiful panorama stretching to the Monviso mountain where I can really find tranquility and get adequate space away from the stress that dominates my usual place of residence – Milan.

Barolo and Barbaresco. You just have to taste these great Piedmont local wine specialties in order to realize how special and unique it is. Get away from the frenetic pace of the beautiful center of Milan for a while, and enjoy some Italian wine specialties immersed in the greenery and endless vineyards of the Piedmont countryside, Barolo and Barbaresco.

The Italian wine regions are among the most beautiful in the world. Get away from the frenetic pace of the beautiful center of Milan for a while, and enjoy some Italian wine specialties immersed in the greenery and endless vineyards of the Piedmont countryside, Barolo and Barbaresco. The area is known as the “Kingdom of Wine” for its centuries-old tradition in viticulture that has converted it into one of Italy’s most important wine-producing areas. The region is home to two DOCGs (Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita): Barolo and Barbaresco. Both wines are made from Nebbiolo grapes which thrive in this area due to its relatively mild climate conditions. Barolo is considered one of Italy's most prestigious wines and can be aged for decades or even centuries if properly stored in ideal conditions. The best vineyards are located on hillsides where they benefit from northern exposure and warmer temperatures during wintertime.

The Piedmont region of Italy lies in the northwest corner of the country, just south of Switzerland. This part of Italy is famous for its wines such as Barolo and Barbaresco. It has also been home to many famous historical figures such as Napoleon Bonaparte who was born in Ajaccio on Corsica but spent his childhood years in Nice which is part of France but close to Piedmont. The region has much to offer visitors including beautiful scenery, hiking trails, and mountain views. There are also plenty of historic buildings including castles and villas that were built during the Middle Ages by nobles who wanted to live in style when they were not fighting battles or making war with their neighbors!

If you can find time away from your busy schedule, plan a couple of excursions in and around the city. First is Alba, a medieval town known for its festival of white truffles. The second and more popular excursion is to Barolo and Barbaresco country. These towns have their own church named after Santa Maria Graces, which became partner towns to Milan due to cultural similarities.

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