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Book a taxi at Milan airport?

Well, you can't book a taxi, you take the first one you find the taxi stand next to the airport, in front of the arrivals exit; if you wish to book your transfer, you have to book a private transfer with a chauffeur with a regular transportation license follow the link

So, you can’t book a taxi to Milan airport? Had your numerous attempts at online booking, at the airport customer service desks, and with your hotel concierge failed? You don't have to suffer any further! Choose the best transportation option for your next trip to Milan. A company that specializes in regular shuttle transfers to and from Milan Linate and Malpensa airports.

Have you ever attempted to book a taxi to Milan airport? Did they offer to charge you a lower rate if you prepaid, but when you do pay it in full (as promised), the ride is not going to be a pleasant one? Several companies promise great rates on their website and then on the day of your ride, they tell you they have run out of cars, they'll come an hour late, or just no show and there is nothing you can do about it.

Does the prompt ‘We cannot book your taxi for Milan airport’ give you a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach? It should. A lot of people haven’t learned that they can’t use regular taxis to get to the airport. So what is going on? What can you do? Here are my expert tips to get you to the airport in Milan without wasting any more time or money.

Milan is one of the most important and historical cities in Italy. Usually, all airports are located in big cities but this is not true for Milan. The only airport located in the city is Malpensa International Airport. This fact can make it troublesome for those who are looking for a taxi service to the city center because there is no regular transportation available.

Airport taxis are a very convenient option to travel from Milan airport to your final destination, but it is not the best for everyone. Certainly, you can call a taxi directly at the airport building, but the price will reflect this service. Alternatively, you can pre-book a taxi and be sure to have it waiting in front of the terminal door when you arrive. The only problem is, you might still have to wait more than an hour before it arrives.

We all know getting a taxi on your way to the airport can be stressful, time-consuming, and above all expensive. You have to book in advance, if you don’t you could have to queue up and there are no guarantees that a taxi will come when you need it.

You might think that booking a taxi or a car with a driver is the same thing. Well, it isn't. In Italy there are two different licenses to operate a vehicle for public transportation: one is the “licenza di pubblica sicurezza” which allows you to legally drive anyone as a taxi, and the other one is the regular license to drive “auto vettura” (car) that allows you to drive anyone on your car but not as a taxi. Booking a taxi in Italy is quite difficult, and if you want to do it for Milan airport don't even try. The only company that has the authorization to do this service at Malpensa Airport is Malpensa Shuttle, which is also the only official Taxi from Malpensa Airport. For all other airports in Italy and especially to reach Milan city center from any airport (Malpensa, Linate or Orio al Serio) we strongly recommend you NOT TO BOOK A TAXI but instead book a car with a driver and regular transportation license.

When you're using a booked taxi to Milan airport, you should also keep in mind that you've to carry your luggage. Moreover, it may take time to reach your destination due to the traffic and rush. The driver may not know your language and it's likely difficult for you to communicate with him. If you don't want to go through any hassle and have a comfortable ride then booking a car with a driver is the best option for you. Booking a car with a professional driver means there will be no chaos and no worries about carrying your luggage. Moreover, the driver knows all the routes of the city so he can drop you on time at your destination. It's better to book a car with a regular transportation license rather than a normal taxi as regular transportation is more reliable, cost-effective, and comfortable than normal taxis.

You'll have to pay upfront to avoid being ripped off. Which generally means you'll have to book well in advance of your arrival date. There is no fixed rate for taxis departing Malpensa, so it's hard to estimate the final cost. If you're going to the city center, it will probably be around 70 euros. If you want to be sure not to get ripped off, book a car with a driver, who will have a regular transportation license and therefore can't charge you more than usual rates.

You can't book a taxi to Milan airport. The fact of the matter is that you don't need to because there are plenty of cabs at the airport and they are available 24/7. In Italy, taxi drivers and cab companies have to follow the rules established by local authorities. The only way to book a taxi in Milan is through your hotel, but this is not an option if you don't have accommodation yet. This means that you will have to take a cab from the street or a taxi stand. You'll find plenty of both at Malpensa Airport and Linate Airport as well as in the city center (we'll go over this in more detail below). The airport taxis usually charge a flat rate for going from Linate or Malpensa airports to the city center (or vice-versa). These rates are fixed by the Lombardia region and vary depending on whether it's daytime (7 am - 10 pm) or nighttime (10 pm - 7 am) or if it's a weekend/holiday.

This is the second time I am in Milan, and both times I tried to book a taxi from the airport. But you can't book a taxi from Milan. I just got back from a trip to Rome. My plane was early, and I arrived at Milan airport around 2:15 instead of the usual 3:30 PM. There were no taxis available. They do not take any reservations for an airport pickup. They say it's too time-consuming to wait for a plane to arrive, so they do not do that. You have to wait in line for 40 minutes, and then you get a taxi that has been used by someone else who might have been sick or sweating profusely inside of it. Booking a train ticket was also problematic. You cannot book a train ticket 14 days in advance, even if you know the exact date and time of your trip. It's impossible to book online on the official site, so you have to try other sites that give you more options but charge more commissions and fees. Even booking Uber for my trip back home was problematic due to all this nonsense with taxes, fees, tolls, and surcharges on top of what I had already paid through the Uber app. It's just not worth it

Allow me to start by taking you through this scenario: you have booked a trip to Milan and are on a plane in another country, thinking about the adventure that awaits you. You’ve never been to Italy before, but you know that the food will be spectacular, the architecture inspiring, and the people welcoming. Imagine now that your plane has landed, and you’re waiting for your luggage. You can hardly contain your excitement as you walk into the airport terminal. Then something happens. The driver is holding up a sign with a name on it, but it’s not yours. You ask him if he’s there to pick someone up, but he just shrugs his shoulders and walks away. You call the number on his card but get no answer. You try again — still nothing. You think maybe he hasn’t arrived yet or left early — there must be a mistake.

The car with a driver and regular license will be subject to very light police controls, and in any case, the driver must carry the customer documents on his person. This is the best solution for a hotel transfer to or from Milan Malpensa Airport or Linate Airport, by car with a driver.

Well, I am back safe and sound in Milan, having just had a most excellent trip throughout Italy, thanks to the travel portion of a business program. While the time and transportation planning were so much easier than they otherwise would have been using a regular taxi service, I did not have the opportunity to have a discussion with taxi drivers or hear any of their points of view. In my experience, I felt they were far less than accommodating. When you book with Milan Luxury Limousine you get a driver and now private car service that is bilingual and most accommodating. Yes, some of the limo services are priced high and an alternative may be more convenient for you but in this case, even at top dollar prices, it was worth it. Using a traditional taxi was an adventure and resulted in more lost time for me than necessary, as well as frustration caused by the taxis."

As an Italian and Milanese company, we offer our clients the chance to enjoy a private transfer by car or limousine. Our drivers will greet you at the door of the airport with a sign with your name on it. These drivers are professional and polite, they know all our routes, routes to the best hotels in Milan, shops, and restaurants, they can visit you at your hotel so you can show around Milan. We also offer tours for groups and individuals. So, if you want to be treated differently and are eager to enjoy real Italian hospitality contact us.

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