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Barolo Piedmont day trip tour, food and wine tasting

Get up close and personal with the winemaker on this private Barolo wine tour in Piedmont, Italy. You'll gain insight into winemaking from an insider's perspective, walk through the vineyards, learn about soil types and vinification techniques and gain a unique understanding of what makes our region so special.

A truly unique experience, the Barolo wine tour is a fantastic and rare opportunity to taste unique Piedmont wines in an incomparable setting. With a private viewing of the winery and vineyards, as well as in-depth wine tasting and explanations on vinification techniques, this experience is reserved for only the most discerning taste buds.

We will taste some of the local Piedmont wines and we will discover, together with the winemaker, the secrets on how the excellent Piedmont wines are made. We will discover the different soils, their relations with climate and grape varieties, and how this stimulus the formation of noble and delicate wines.

Immerse yourself in the unique Piedmont Barolo and Barbaresco world that cannot be understood only with an excellent wine. Here the wine, although wildly famous, well recognized through various awards, is just a part of the experience. You will have the opportunity to go deeper into a perfect harmony between nature and culture.

Piedmont is the birthplace of Barolo wine. It's a place of rolling hills, quaint towns, and most importantly: delicious food. For centuries, Piedmont has been a favorite spot for artists and writers, who enjoy its peaceful atmosphere and stunning natural beauty.

Alba is one such town. A walk through this charming city allows you to take in the sights of medieval architecture and beautiful churches (the Cathedral of San Lorenzo is especially lovely). The main square, Piazza Risorgimento, is a perfect way to begin your day with an espresso at a cafe or end it with a glass of wine after dinner. There are many shops and restaurants within walking distance—though if you prefer to stay near home, our hotel will be happy to prepare something for you upon request!

When booking one of our visits, you will enjoy the natural excellence and all the hospitality that surrounds the wine production. Our plan is to bring you together with our Producers who, in turn, will divulge their own story. A network of human experiences based on respect and love for nature expressed through a great enthusiasm for their work: a tour that combines history and culture with pleasure, conviviality, and a love of good things.

In Piedmont Region, there is a unique combination of natural beauty, tradition and gastronomic excellence. The region produces what has been called for centuries the King of Wines, Barolo. This wine is a gem: made with a long fermentation period and aged in small barrels. You have the opportunity to taste this superb wine, enjoy the views over the vineyards and share a wonderfully delicious lunch at the legendary Tenuta San Leonardo Winery in Monforte d'Alba.

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This private tour is completely dedicated to Piedmont wines and their secrets. The winemaker will lead you to the details of the Terroir and vinification techniques. We will walk through the vineyard to discover the singularity of our unique Terroir, the origin of the formation of soils, the connection between the climate, the wine growing, and the grape varieties.

Winery in Castiglione Falletto, you will be welcomed with a refreshing prosecco before starting your visit with a guided tour of historic wine cellars. You will learn about local grape varieties, such as Barbera, Dolcetto, Moscato and Nebbiolo, as well as learning about their production methods. Each wine has its own personality; therefore each glass has its own shape and characteristics.

You will have a chance to taste Barolo wines directly from the barrel or cask accompanied by an appetizer or fruit platter. You may also choose an additional lunch or dinner course paired with selected wines at Villa Beccaris Restaurant or Piazza Duomo Michelin Restaurant in Alba.

Barolo, the King of Wines, is one of the most prestigious wines in the world. It comes from a small area in the Langhe area of Piedmont and it is made with Nebbiolo grapes, a variety that can be found only in this area. The Langhe are unique because of their position and their soils. It is a hilly area with changing microclimates and varying exposures to the sun that give our wines their uniqueness.

The tour takes place in our Wine Estate, in the heart of the Barolo wine area. You will be guided by the Winemaker to discover the family history and the estate. The winery is located in a typical Piedmontese farmhouse, in which the winery is dug into the hillside and where the grapes are still processed by hand.

Following a tasting of three different wines, we will walk through the vineyard where you can learn about viticulture, soil and grape varieties. The tour ends with a selection of four wines paired with local specialties based on cold cuts, cheese, and traditional desserts.

We will taste the wines of our vineyards, the Barolos, which are the expression of our Terroir and its microclimate. We will have a vertical tasting of our top wines, Barolo DOCG and Barolo Riserva DOCG. The Piedmontese cult for the kitchen is not to be left out either, so we will taste traditional local products such as cheeses, salami and truffle. The experience ends with a visit to the cellar and wine tasting in our historical underground cellar built into the rock.

If you are dreaming about a private tour with a professional in the Langhe region and you want to feel classy, then this is your perfect tour. It guarantees a great time and exactly what you expect from a wine tour: meeting outstanding wineries, tasting fabulous wines, seeing stunning views and enjoying the best food in the area.

From the rolling hills of Barolo to the smaller vineyards of Barbaresco, this guided tour with a private driver is a great way to see both Italy's iconic wine region and the countryside its known for. This private tour gives you time to sit back, enjoy a bottle of wine with your driver, listen to stories about the area and its people, and see some of the most unique landscapes in Italy. For the price, it is an incredible way to see the rural side of Italy while sampling some of its favorite food and wine.

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