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Alba Piedmont day trip tour and transfer from Milan Italy

Italy is a country rich in history. But it wasn't always so. In fact, many of the landmarks you see today were erected by the Romans. If you're a history buff and have a love for ancient Roman architecture, it's time to go to Italy! There are also other reasons to visit this beautiful country, too. While some people might head there for the food and wine, others go for its natural beauty. Even though there are many beautiful places in Italy, Alba is certainly one of them. In fact, Alba is part of the UNESCO World Heritage List due to its historical value and is the second most populous town in the province after the main city, Cuneo. It presents the historical and economic capital of the Langhe region. Located just 50 km from the capital of Piedmont Turin, it stands largely on the right bank of the river Tanaro, on a broad flat basin surrounded by the beautiful hills, covered in vineyards, of the Langhe and Roero. Historically Alba is one of the most important Neolithic stations of Italy, in 190 BC the Roman conquest of southern Piedmont began and Alba Pompeian was founded

Alba is the second-largest city in Piedmont, after Turin. It lies 50 miles from Turin and is the capital of the Langhe area. The town is known for its red-roofed houses, and it is home to an international jazz festival. Alba was founded by the Romans in 190 BC as Alba Pompeian and became a free Commune in 1171 when it conquered Monferrato. In 1354 it was taken over by the Visconti family, who added their own coat of arms to the town's seal. In 1472 it was acquired by Ludovico Sforza through marriage to his daughter Beatrice. Alba passed into the hands of members of the House of Savoy in 1536 and 1796, and in 1805 became part of Piedmont. >p>Alba has experienced several periods of economic prosperity due to its geographical location on a major road axis between Turin and Asti. The nearby vineyards were responsible for making wine for much of Europe until the early 20th century when a decline in demand led to mass closures and widespread vineyard destruction.

In the heart of the Langhe (Piedmont) region, surrounded by vineyards and medieval castles, lies Alba. Alba is a charming city with many sights to see and things to do. It is home to some of the best restaurants in Italy, panoramic views, and historical monuments. The Cathedral of San Lorenzo in the neo-Gothic style built on the ruins of an ancient Roman temple is in Piazza Risorgimento which is historically the place dedicated to mercantile exchanges. On the square there is also the Town Hall built on the remains of Roman walls, it contains some important paintings. Near the square, there are other significant buildings such as the church of San Domenico (XII-XIV century) and the Baroque Confraternity of St. Joseph (seventeenth century) recently renovated and are home to cultural events. Piazza Rossetti, right beside the Cathedral, is the birthplace of Beppe Fenoglio, now the seat of the Centre for the Study of literature, history, art, and culture dedicated to him. Alba was known as the city of a hundred towers, there are only a few left

Piedmont is the birthplace of Barolo wine. It's a place of rolling hills, quaint towns, and most importantly: delicious food. For centuries, Piedmont has been a favorite spot for artists and writers, who enjoy its peaceful atmosphere and stunning natural beauty.

Alba is one such town. A walk through this charming city allows you to take in the sights of medieval architecture and beautiful churches (the Cathedral of San Lorenzo is especially lovely). The main square, Piazza Risorgimento, is a perfect way to begin your day with an espresso at a cafe or end it with a glass of wine after dinner. There are many shops and restaurants within walking distance—though if you prefer to stay near home, our hotel will be happy to prepare something for you upon request!

Alba is a town that seduces visitors with its romantic cobbled streets and wine bars, which make it one of the best places to visit in Piedmont. It’s also famous for being the home of Ferrero Rocher, the chocolate-covered nutty delight that no one can resist.

The historic center of this city is packed full of medieval buildings and palaces, as well as numerous churches including the Romanesque Cathedral of Alba. There’s also an interesting underground network of tunnels, which were used as an air-raid shelter during World War I.

The town has a bustling market selling fresh produce and wine, and there are plenty of restaurants serving local specialties such as truffles and cheese from nearby Asti. You can even take cooking classes to learn how to make these dishes yourself! If you’re looking for something different than shopping or eating out all day long then head over to La Morra where there are vineyards producing delicious wines like Barolo (the king of wines). Wine lovers will enjoy visiting some wineries around here too because they offer tastings so that customers can sample before buying any bottles home with them!

Alba, the capital of Piedmont's Langhe wine region, is a delightful little town where you'll find medieval streets lined with upscale shops and wine bars serving local specialties. Located some 43 miles south of Turin, Alba is known for its white truffles and hazelnuts, as well as its wines such as Nebbiolo, Barbera, Dolcetto and Moscato. It is also home to several Michelin-starred restaurants and is a destination for gourmet foodies. Alba's historic center is compact and easily explored on foot in a day or two. Highlights include the 12th-century Alba Cathedral, the Romanesque Civic Tower and the beautiful Piazza del Duomo surrounded by lovely medieval buildings. Alba makes an excellent base for exploring the Langhe hillsides dotted with vineyards that produce Barolo wine and are recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

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Alba in Piedmont, has a temperate climate, with warm summers (Jun-Sep) and cool winters (Dec–Feb). The best time to visit Langhe is from July to November, which is also the peak Alba white truffle harvest season. The long-running International white Alba truffle Fair (Fiera Internazionale del Tartufo Bianco d’Alba) start in October and will end in November. The international fair is a truffle show with cooking demonstrations and folklore displays, plus artistic and cultural events.

Alba, Italy is the perfect base for exploring some of Italy’s most beautiful wine regions. Alba, or Alba Langhe in Italian, is a small hilltop town in Piedmont. It’s located in northwest Italy, about an hour south of Turin. The region is known for its rolling green hills and vineyards and is home to many delicious Italian wines like Dolcetto and Barolo. The town of Alba itself has a rustic charm that will definitely make you want to stay longer than one weekend. Alba is also well-known for being the “white truffle capital of the world” (more on this later!). The city center of Alba is easy to explore on foot thanks to its compact size. You can easily see all the main sights by spending a full day here before driving around to explore the surrounding areas. Alba has been an important trade center since Roman times. Consequently, it has been ruled by many different Kingdoms over the years including Spain and Austria. Its history really comes alive when you walk through the town’s medieval streets and visit its historic buildings.

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Alba is a picturesque town with a medieval center, located in the heart of Piedmont. It is known for its white truffles and wines, and it has been awarded the title of European Capital of Culture for the year 2016. The province of Cuneo, known as Piedmont's "granary", boasts a wide variety of products that can be enjoyed at organized tastings in local wineries, farms and restaurants. There are also many beautiful places to visit: Barolo (for wine lovers), Turin and its Egyptian Museum, the unique medieval walls of Saluzzo, Mondovì (famous for its architecture), Pollenzo (home of the University of Gastronomic Sciences), Cherasco (a historic town famous for its truffles). The Monte Viso massif offers endless possibilities for trekking and climbing while golfers can play on the courses in Limone Piemonte or Savigliano.

The town became an important location in northern Italy as it controlled access to several key Alpine passes including Mount Cenis, Mont Genèvre and Little Saint Bernard Pass. In 1235 AD Alba joined the Lombard League against Frederick II Hohenstaufen's attempts to restore imperial authority over northern Italy

The network makes available different services such as accommodation, restaurant, bar, wine cellar and truffle hunting. In addition the site will highlight all the visits that can be done in Piedmont, like Turin and Milan. The Alba hotels offers its guests a good service, comfort and a rich breakfast buffet. The staff is always friendly and punctual. The diversity of rooms are suitable for both families or business travellers; moreover, there are also cottages for four people with separate entrance.

People almost always fall in love with Alba. It is organic, real, green, and genuine. The people are warm and welcoming, the food is delicious and abundant (do not skip the truffles!) and there is always something to do or explore.

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